About The Curb Market

Established 1959 | Revived 2021

Ciao! I’m Ambre Amari.

I am a mother of four and a commercial, lifestyle, and fine art photographer. I am also a wine aficionado, a supporter of local makers, and an innovative thinker.

When I was 18, I woke up without any hearing, and I remember thinking in that moment how fragile life is. I was inspired to change directions to pursue my passion for art and photography. So, in 2004, I spent a few months overseas in Europe, backpacking and carrying around my 35 mm Nikon camera, connecting with other creatives and travelers…and meeting my husband!

My husband‘s family emigrated from Italy, and in 1959, they started the Huffman Curb Market. I love hearing stories from life long Birmingham residents  who remember that market and reminisce about what that space meant to them — as a place to gather, shop, and support local vendors. I want to revive what the Amari family created then to recapture that sense of community and energy today. 

The Amari Curb Market is a brick-and-mortar marketplace + multi-functioning creative space that bridges the gap between the public and makers— a place where people can come together to create, experience, learn, shop, and celebrate community. With monthly gatherings that spotlight local artists, makers, and vendors, the Curb Market is not a farmers market— instead, imagine a Chicago Street market mixed with an LA art gallery bumping music on a Saturday morning. 

My vision is to reimagine how we think of art and artistic spaces — breaking down the intimidation factor and making inspiration a part of our everyday lives. I hope that the makers of Birmingham inspire you the way they inspire me. 

Please follow us on social media for updates, announcements, and the latest details of what we are doing, and stop by to say hello when you’re in the area.

We'll see you at The Curb!